Body Treatments

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body treatments


Two-in-one Full Body Scrub & Wrap

Combination of the Sea Salt Glow Treatment and the Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap

This luxurious treatment captures the exfoliating and revitalizing powers of all natural ingredients to break down dead skin, stimulate circulation, remove toxins, and heal dry and chapped skin. After the body has bean exfoliated, a wrap is applied. Sheets and a thermal blanket are used to cover and form a cocoon around the body, to seal in heat. Skin is left quenched and restored. A scalp massage is included with this treatment to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized.

 1 hr   $120

Sea Salt Glow Body Treatment

Eliminates dry, rough skin leaving you with a beautiful smooth skin. First, a granular scrub is applied all over the body to gently exfoliate. Next, a moisturizing creme is massaged into your skin to hydrate and renew elasticity. To finish, an aromatic cooling spritzer will leave you feeling refreshed for the rest of your day.


1 hr   $85

Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap

Slimming and detoxifying treatment, A unique mixture of seaweed, botanicals and plant enzymes. Detoxify, slim, exfoliate and nourish your body with the minerals it needs. This wrap is a must for all clients living a hectic lifestyle, and/or in a polluted environment. Your skin will feel soft and smooth, and you will have a renewed energy that you have been longing for!

 1 hr   $90

GUAM® Mud Anti Cellulite Treatment

GUAM® Beauty Mud is the #1 selling anti-cellulite product in Italy and beyond. It is a convenient and highly effective way to combat the appearance of cellulite by tightening, firming and removing excess water trapped in the under cell deposits of the skin.
The treatment is fast, easy and safe, and the results are astonishing! Used frequently and in conjunction with the Fangocrema Mud-Based Cream, the effectiveness is intensified. Skin is noticeably tighter, smoother and more supple from the very first application.

1 hr   $90 & Up