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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a normal KeratinTreatment & Express Blow Out?

A: A Keratin Express treatment from our salon takes about an hour which is less time involved than a normal keratin treatment. During your appointment, keratin will be sealed into your hair to lock out frizz and reduce the amount of curl in your hair. The Keratin Express treatment will give your hair a softer, smoother texture for up to 6 weeks, and you can wash your hair in just 8 hours after leaving the salon. A normal Keratin Complex treatment will give longer lasting results of up to five months and requires a 72-hour waiting period before you can wash your hair.

Q: How much time should be allowed for each client?

A: The amount of time depends upon several factors including the length and texture of your hair. Generally, the stylists at our Mt Juliet hair salon recommend an initial consultation so that we can assess your hair length, type and texture. Normally, you should allow a 1- hour window for the Express Blow Out.

Q: What results can be expected after the Express Blowout Treatment?

A: The results are very noticeable. Your hair will be more manageable and easy to style, & will be resistant to humidity. It will feel softer & silkier and will have luminous shine.

Q: Should the hair be colored before or after the treatment application?

A: If you would like to receive a hair color service as well as a
keratin treatment, our salon recommends that you receive your hair color or highlight service FIRST, and then have the keratin treatment done directly afterwards. This will seal the color in, making it last longer & appear more vibrant. If you cannot have both services in the same day, and you choose to have the keratin treatment first.

If you have additional questions about this treatment, please contact the specialists at our hair Salon.

We will be happy to schedule a personal consultation with you.