Caring for Your Hands and Feet

Everyone loves the relaxing treat that is a manicure and a pedicure. At Oasis Day Spa & Hair Salon in Bedminster, we take care of your hands and feet by offering a full range of services. When a full body massage is out of the question, we relax the parts of your body that are used the most.



Manicure - $25

Shaping the nails, cuticle maintenance hand massage, and polish

Spa Manicure - $40

Regular manicure + cuticle softening soaks, exfoliating crystal scrub w/warm mitts, and soothing hand massage w/AHA

Oasis Signature Manicure - $48

Regular manicure + soy hand soak, exfoliating scrub, and paraffin treatment w/ warm mitts and a longer hand massage

Men's Manicure - $25

Paraffin Treatment - $25

Pedicure - 45min $55

Soaking feet, shaping the nails, cuticle maintenance, smoothing and reducing callous, hot stone massage and polish

Spa Pedicure - 1hr $70

Regular Pedicure + Callous softener w/AHA, Sugar scrub and cooling mask w/ hot towels and Hot Stone

Oasis Signature Pedicure - $80

Spa pedicure + Paraffin Treatment

Men's Pedicure - 45min $55

Polish Change - $25

NEW Faster, Safer LED Gel Manicure

SHELLAC Color Gel Manicure - $55

Color Gel Pedicure - $70

Extended Manicure, Lasts for weeks.

Tired of your polish chipping & peeling, try the first chip-free ever Soak-Off SHELLAC Gel polish.
Applied on your natural nails they last up to 3 weeks and require just a touch-up fill after that.
They are easily removed by soaking the nails.
Perfect solution for every day busy life, Available in a variety of colors

Decorate Your Nails with Fill-ins and Gel Manicures

Relaxing Spa Manicures and Pedicures

We bring the life back into your hands with relaxing treatments. Our regular manicure includes shaping the nails, cuticle maintenance, hand massage, and polish; all for $25. We offer a Spa Manicure for those women who really want to pamper themselves with cuticle softening soak, and exfoliating crystal scrub with warm mitts for $40. Our Oasis Signature Manicure includes a soapy hand soak, exfoliating scrub, paraffin treatment with warm mitts, and an extended hand massage for $48.

Let's face it, between high heels and standing on our feet, we all need a massage and a good foot soak by the end of the say. To rest your weary feet, we have a 45-minute pedicure that includes soaking feet, shaping the nails, cuticle maintenance, smoothing calluses, hot stone massage, and polish. Our Spa Pedicure is similar to our standard pedicure, but it also has a sugar scrub, a cooling mask with hot towels, and an extended hot stone massage for $70. When you upgrade from this to the Oasis signature spa, we include a paraffin treatment; this pedicure's total cost is $80.